Friday, August 3, 2007

Wednesday Night Racing

So what better way is there to train for a race in the mountains, than to race in the mountains? That's what we did last Wednesday evening in the local Breckenridge Race Series promoted by Maverick Sports.

The course was a short 15 mile course but to get to the starting line, you have to climb 3 miles up a paved road. The perfect warm up right? The course begins with more climbing on dirt roads towards even more climbing on singletrack trails. Noticing a recurrent theme here? The strategy was to not to blow up at the beginning of the race while attempting to sprint with the highlanders! In the middle of the course there is a very steep and technical 2 mile climb called the grind. It's similar to the monster climb near the 50 mile mark on the Leadville course

Ibrahim said he would ride conservatively to avoid becoming injured on the heart pounding descents. After the race, Ibrahim was happy to be recognized for his efforts by the event coordinator at a race afterparty held for all contestants. We met some of the sports future champions. These kids are fast. At only 12 years of age, they are already racing against expert men and beating many of them!

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