Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Calm before the Storm

There are three days remaining until The Leadville Trail 100. With all the serious training behind us and the stress of getting to Leadville long past, it's time to make our final preparations. We spent much of the week resting. It rained quite heavily in this area so we didn't have much of a choice. We're loaded up on power bars, gels, goos, electrolytes and whatever else comes in slime green that is supposed to help us stay energized. We're fine tunning our bikes and packing tools and gadgets. (Riders are required to make their own bike needed repairs on the trail.) I took the above picture of Lake Dillon the other day after the last rain storm. Ibrahim and I went for a light spin in the evening and for once enjoyed the sights.

With the forecast looking good for the next three days, the next storm we anticipate involves over 700 mountain bikers, their support teams, the media and hundreds of spectators descending upon the small town of Leadville. We're about as ready as we can be but can't imagine the madness we're about to embrace.

I think the frenzy of activity is going to motivate Ibrahim into that mode of being that elite athletes reach before participating in major events. I've seen it before. Ibrahim thrives on the excitement and longs to be singled out for his abilities and achievement. He's confident with all the work that's he's put into this. The three day a week three hour physical therapy sessions with Glen Thomas at Georgetown, the long and exhausting group rides in Maryland and Virginia with the Potomac Pedalers and the Lot 7 crew, and the rides at altitude in Summit County have prepared Ibrahim to make the most out of this opportunity.

We drive to Leadville this evening. I'm not sure about my access to the internet while I'm there so this could be my last post before the race. I want to repeat my thanks to all who have helped us along the way! You know who you are! If I get the chance, I'll post once more before the race. If I find out about any televised media coverage, I'll post it. Oh... Check the Friday edition of the Summit Daily News for another press write up.

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gwadzilla said...

lake dillon
the dillon dam road
the dillon donut effect

it is a beautiful part of the country

the rounded peak is buffalo mountain
or something to that effect
a nice little hike
only hiked it once
but once is better than not at all

a beautiful part of the country
a beautiful part of the world