Friday, August 3, 2007


One of the most important aspects of preparing for competition involves muscle recovery. The day after the Wednesday evening race, it rained off an on so it was the perfect day to rest. We met with Brian Metzler from the Rocky Mountain News for an article on Ibrahim to be published next week.

Brian asked Ibrahim what his reasons are for racing the Leadville 100.

Ibrahim told him, "I came to Colorado to race Leadville because no other disabled person has attempted to race here. I want to raise awareness of people with disabilities around the world. I want to be the first person from Africa to race in Leadville. I also want to meet Lance Armstrong and create a bond between cycling in America and cycling in Africa." what's a recovery day without some form of competitive spirit? After the interview, we tried our hand at another sport. Don't let the smile for you, Ibrahim is a take no prisoners kind of miniature golfer.

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